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No matter what happens celebrations have been integral part of your life either its busy hassle schedule or free we manage to find time for the celebrations. Avon Chennai Florist is well known for arranging presents for different occasions and celebrations. We do online delivery of gifts, cakes, flower bunches, flower baskets, wine,sweets, toys, chocolates and much more assortments for all type of special days or moments. Surprises add value to our life and make our life even more beautiful. So add beautiful memories to your chapter of life and cherish it.

We do all type of online deliveries like same day delivery and mid night delivery as well. We deliver your surprise at the doorstep of your loved ones at desirable time and date. We are expert in deliveries of surprises on every occasion. Our sole goal is to make our customer satisfied with our work .Our website is 100% secure . For payment you can use any of electric card Paypal, visa vard or master card.


Nowadays Sending flowers is like tradition in every country on any type of occasion either its Wedding day or Anniversary celebrations or Birthday party or Welcoming guest or on any type of Achievement. Presenting flowers on any occasion is becoming a tradition. Its the way of showing your dedication to the person. Avon Chennai florists are well known for their delivery of fresh flowers ,flower bunches,flower bouquets,designer flower basket and designer flower bouquets. You don’t need to worry about even if the place is remote.

We make sure our customer is happy with our work and quick service. We have never ever let down our customer and did the delivery within time frame. We try our best to make the relationships even more stronger with the amazing gifts we have. We have a team of expertise to make the gifts more surprising and perfect for the event. As they say in the end its not how many  breaths you take,expect how many moments you lived up ,how many unforgettable memories you had,how many special days you lived up. So make your and your loved ones every moment special and cherish it .

Avon Chennai Florist who offers you all types of gifts for all types of occasions either its Festival or celebration,Which include flowers,flower baskets, flower bouquets, cakes, Anniversary gifts,Dry fruits, sweets, chocolates etc. Feel free to ask any type of query. We will be pleased to listen and serve you. If you want to surprise any of your loved at the mid night,our mid night service has pleased our every customer. You can try us for this. Live your every moment very specially and enjoy it .


Red roses are well known for the love and romance. Moreover they have a history behind it. In past,If you want to show love to somebody people exchange roses. Since that time it has become a tradition and we have continued it so far. In addition ,these days we try give a rose bouquet instead of just one flower. Flowers can be presented on different occasions like wedding ceremony, birthday party or any festival. It feels like flowers have become part of our daily life.

Avon Chennai Florist are web based florists. We arrange all types of flower arrangement either its flower bouquet for birthday or flower bunch for wedding or flower basket for any festival. Our florist team has the best and new ideas for every function. As we are expert in delivery of gifts, we have always got good feedback from our customers. Our mid night and quick service has always made them happy and excited. Same day delivery saves your time in this busy world. If you are busy enough same day delivery is the best choice.

It doesn’t matter how far you live ,Our doorstep delivery will definitely make your loved one surprised and happy. You don’t need to worry about anything ,its our time to deliver your gift at right time and right place. With flowers you can send online gifts or send online cakes or send chocolates etc for more details you can go through our website fully and choose you gifts and flowers for your loved ones.

Different types of Flower Arrangement

Flowers are gifted to keep the relationships fresh and alive alike every flower. Flowers are given on all occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Festival, College annual day or any welcoming party.There are different of flower arrangement which we say flower baskets, flower bouquets ,flower bunches etc. Avon Chennai Florists are the flower and gift based online shop.we do all types of arrangement of flowers. Following is all about them :

Flower Baskets : Flower basket is the arrangement of flowers in a basket. You can choose your desirable flowers to put in the basket . Flower basket will be healthy if you have range of all color flowers in it and designed it in a unique way.

Flower Bunches : Flower bunches are usually arranged for the wedding purposes,so its easy to hold and go with the dress of the bride. Flower bunches are wrapped and packed in such a way so it makes a bunch. Nowadays different types of wrapping are used to hold the flower bunch and different styles of ribbons and decorating material is used for making a bunch.

Flower Bouquets : Flower bouquet includes flowers in a bouquet. You can choose your favourite flowers for the bouquet or florists can suggest you for the flowers.

Designer arrangement of flower : Avon Chennai Florist also have a team who makes designer flower baskets,flower bunches and flower bouquets for different occasion.If its Valentines, they set the theme to Love and Romance. If its birthday they arrange flower which makes the party more alive and same for all types of events,functions and parties.

Don’t wait try us for any type of flower arrangement either its Birthday or Wedding or Anniversary ,you will definitely love us .

Show your father a great love on this Father’s day

No matter what happens,We all love our parents and parents love their children. In this busy world everybody is too busy to celebrate small events. We always focus on big days and try enjoy only those days. But the only time when we can show our dedication and love to our parents is when its their day either its father’s day or mother’s day. Don’t miss the opportunity this year and show your father a great love.Gift is the best way to express your feelings towards your dad.

If your father has a great liking for sweet foods then Cake is the best option. We have a range of cakes to choose from . We have a special category in cake which is image based cake. You can personalize your own cake and can give us any picture you want to display on the top head of cake.It will amaze your father. Chocolate and all Indian sweets like Laddu,Rasgulle are the other sweets for sweet tooth persons. So you can have a variety of things,choice is only yours.

Avon Chennai florist brings you a great deal of amazing gifts,flowers,flower baskets,flower bouquets,flower bunches,designer bouquets and combo packs. We have got different categories so its easy for you to select a nice gift or combo pack for your father. In case you are away from your father,you can send online flowers or gifts to him in Chennai. Avon Chennai Florists are the best florists in Chennai,we offers services like flowers,gifts,cakes ,sweets,Soft toys and so on. We do same day delivery and our maximum delivery time is 3-4 hours to the order. If your plan is to wish your father at mid night,we do mid night service as well. Your surprise will be handed over at right time and desirable address.

Valentine special objects that fascinate couples

Very truly said that love is in the air whenever couple meets to spend time with each other. Valentine week is such a week in complete count of 51 weeks throughout a year which is dedicated only for couples and their love stories. From streets to corners or from radio to every channel of T.V there is only one most hot topic on this hitting valentine week. Happiness scatters all around when this week falls in the season of winters that is somewhere in February. There is something that makes this eve so special that nobody remains without discussing it and their memories about their love and that something is the feeling of love and affection that strongly recovers when someone special come in your life.

All the bad moments and tough time wipes away from life within a second and happiness is there all around that’s it. There is something that we can’t miss on this special week and that is all mentioned in this article. Let’s see all that stuff that plays such important role for making celebrations of valentine more exciting one:

red flame

  • Red Roses: yes, the smile appears on one face whenever someone standing outside your door with lovely bouquet of red roses “an awesome feeling and happiness” that can’t be explained. Just promise and be loyal to your lovely people who are dedicating all the special moments in your abode at this eve. Make the moment unforgettable as there are many such presents and stuff in the market that can make it possible. Red Roses are known for all this aspect and reasons.
  • Couple Gifts: Understanding, relationship, emotions and affection are the words that actually make this day when combined together. Dedicated relationships are celebrated on this day with great joy and bash. With great concern and loyalty this day is dedicated by the one to another who loves each other throughout life. It is the day that is celebrated throughout this world, the one who is in love gifts red roses and chocolates to the person for whom he really cares and want to make the moment special.
  • Red Colour: Red dresses, flowers, pillows, couple gifts and nature is the word that when meets of two people or understanding that is compatible that is mutual between two people then that transforms in relationship of love and that relationship can be of friends, better half, lovers and many more. Similarly, is the colour red that bring love in one’s life. Lovely people is all there around and everyone in this society in this earth is special to some another person who is really special in itself due to many reason that is known to that particular person in life.
  • Red Pillows: It’s just an emotion that can’t be shared with everyone in this life time which is gifted by almighty on this earth, from one who you want to share it is the luckiest one as he is special it in your life with red pillows when one hugs it tightly.


Valentine is such a day that makes you say all the unsaid words through the bouquet of red, pink or white roses as these all colours are for friendship, peace and love. Undoubtedly, it is the only moment which is meant to be celebrated at this busy span of time.

Celebrate special moments of Valentine with Avon India Florist

Valentine is a moment which is celebrated with great rigor and joy, love is a word that flies in air throughout the atmosphere with open colourful wings and everybody feels the moment of this emotion. Life is good when there are good thoughts, memories are there and yes, it is the fact that the bad and good times are such up and downs of life that create some special and some awful moments of life. But the fact is that we being human can’t ignore all these moments because they are some magic spell that makes life adventurous and exploring as nobody knows what will happen next but still we make out plans for future that is what known as faith that there will be some bright tomorrow. Life doesn’t stops at single moment and with this fact Avon India Florist celebrating valentine week with all their valuable customers and all the Indians in 2015 with special stuff of gift and for better halves as this is the week that is made for couples.

1407439019mixed flower bouquet

Valentine moment makes us feel love and affection that one had for their lovely people in this life on this earth. Just a trust and faith make the bong of relation stronger. It is just love that ties knot of every relation as one cannot deny from this fact. Even Avon India Florist brings out the best moments and stuff best suited to all the needs. Life is just a name of all those moments that when accomplish and gather altogether give happiness in memories. Valentine day is one of the best and perfect moments to say all your unsaid feeling with the people you love and feel them much more special in your life.

Avon India Florist believes that it’s exactly the way they want to celebrate their life with their special one in this valentine week. Lots of precious gifts and presents are there in market now days for this season of love and emotions to share with your lovely people and bring out the best you can from your side. Yes, this is what every couple is waiting for throughout the last ended year and in new year, the most exciting occasion that is much celebrated by couples every year in every single corner of this earth now-a-days.

Make it up to you how you want to celebrate this special moment of love and trust to make it perfect moment of year this time in 2015, don’t think over it so much when Avon India Florist is a brand that is scattered everywhere in all phases of India. You just need to choose out the best stuff for your lovely people and that you think will be overwhelming one then just see the magic of happiness and sharing in this Valentine. Avon India Florist wishes you the best of moment in this valentine with your lovely partner.


Valentine Thanks giving Day

On this Valentine welcome to gift collection where you can get fresh and blossomed flower with online flower delivery and exquisite flower arrangement for your lovely people and better half on this anniversary. Celebrate your breath taking moment with your love by sending fresh arranged flowers to your loved one. Lovely people on this earth when one gets is one of the most beautiful gift when tied in a single knot altogether so, why not to make moment better by celebrating anniversary eve with your loving and caring person?


1409461404bunch_of_20_red_rosesWhenever one wants to wish their loved one, friends and relatives, by making them more special with special blessings and memories for the complete life time on this valentine can does the best by understanding situation how they wait for all surprises throughout a year to make it special, thus it is believed to make it more special with your surprising plans for your better half and therefore feel more delighted by making wishes reachable to your close one on this valentine eve.

Lovers appreciates effort of giving best possible effort to loving people by creating special moments that makes them perfect as you bring elegant smile on their faces with your special gift on Valentine eve. This eve is for lovely time peculiar “made for each other” couples. Chocolates, flower, sweets, toys and many more are available in the market with great message provided by cherished people.

Moments and occasions are many that are needed to be celebrated for the memory of the special day that happened on that particular in lovely people life but valentine day is the one that brings out the best flower fragrances, delicious dark chocolates for lovely people, not only flower baskets but also assortments, sweets, chocolates, cakes and many more to explore through surprise. On valentine day it is believed in making memories that are awesome and are tangled in a thread for life-time. Valentine celebrations are mind blowing especially when someone who loves you by heart gift and showers love on this day by making it more special.

14th February is the day that is celebrated as valentine day throughout the complete world with great joy and bash. It is believed that the occasions are meant to celebrate with special people to make it memorable and lovable in all phases of life. It’s just a way you pretend for your lovely people in your life and that how it is when you celebrate valentine day with your lovely people. One day throughout year and one moment is enough to describe what you feel for your special people and what place they have in your life.

Valentine special gifts

One who loves the person dedicatedly wants to indulge in the affair of love on this special eve of valentine day. It is hard soul and mind relation of love and affection which is celebrated on this day. Couples wait for this special day throughout year and celebrate it by making moments more special with great joy and bash. The thing that makes it more special is one of the reason why there is love in this earth, Love is important thing that every person on this earth requires to share special things in their life and anytime when they feel low. This special eve of lovers is celebrated on 14th February with great joy and bash as couples can be seen on this day very easily at lovers point, parks, restaurants, malls and many more places where they can spend these special moments with the love of their life. It is very well said that every person on this feel blessed when he or she is loved truly by one who cares devotedly as true love is hard to find.

cake kitkat

Love flies in air on this special day of Valentine. This day is celebrated by all those who want to make their lovely people lives special with their love and special gifts. Valentine Day is celebrated by gifting each other gift of roses and chocolates or any other special things that are made for special people by the purpose of gifting and make their life much more special with their gifts. Thus, that’s why this day is celebrated by lovers in every street, every corner, every park and every place. Red is the theme of this day that maximum of couples wish to make out on this day, even gifts are also shared of red roses on this special day. And there are many such surprises to be offered on valentine day for creating surprising moments. The gifts are:

  • Time pieces/Watch: Always move along with your special lover that is time made you remember throughout lifetime. They not only act as time watches but also increases the show of the wall where hanged.
  • Chandeliers: An awesome choice which can’t be rejected by anyone. It acts as wonderful showpieces / decorative piece when placed appropriately by girl’s choice. Girls love such kind of chandeliers when they glow in the darkness especially on valentine day.
  • Coffee Mugs: Mugs embossed with your lover’s photo can also be gifted in this Valentine eve to better halves. As, this make your lovers happy and special in this Valentine eve.
  • Sculptures: They can be according to trend on this valentine eve, they can be used as blessings and good will for the couples

These are the unique collection on this valentine for better halves that can make your life much better and add some more memories in life time.

Valentine Eve Celebrations in 2015

Valentine day is that it’s exactly the way they want to celebrate their life with their special one in this valentine week. Lots of precious gifts and presents are there in market now days for this season of love and emotions to share with your lovely people and bring out the best you can from special one’s side.


Exotic Flower BasketThere are many reasons that make you perfect along with them and do not let the moment go this time, make it yours truly through heart with lots of precious gifts and presents are there in market now days for this season of love and emotions to share with your lovely people and bring out the best you can from your side.

Valentine from the word itself that contains the meaning of love, as this occasion already celebrated by the couples in the memory of that great couple who loved each other for the span of time devotionally. It is just the co-incidence that this very special moment is celebrated throughout the world with utmost happiness, joy and rigor. Theme is the word that is very much in trend of today world whenever celebration name occurs in the place, and similarly valentine day is also decided upon theme of red colour whenever celebrated by the special people for the special people.

It’s undoubtedly party time with all the special people and for the special people by the special people. Every passing day, week and year make moments that are sometime perfect one but sometime not but one day i.e. valentine day which is pre decided and everybody knows that this day falls for lover’s sake. Whenever anything one drink or use it for his or her purpose, the picture embossed on the cup make them remember of being special in their life always. It is the present that can be bring in use for daily life and near to heart. Love is such a part of life that is in demand by every creature on this earth who survive in society let it be mammals, reptiles, animals or any other. Affection is such a thing that bring each other closer and much more straight forward in this struggling life.

The place and position of that person in life is really admirable and undoubtedly utmost important as being the important person in life. The many such gift ideas are there that is considered appreciable when gifted on special day of valentine in celebration.

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